Sarah Palin: RACIST!

Max Blumenthal has found another juicy tidbit about Miss Alaskan Independence Party. Seems that while they scrubbed their racist language, they didn’t scrub their racism–and neither, as their puppet governor, did Miss Uncongenial:

Gwen Alexander, the president of the African-American Historical Society of Alaska, told me that Palin stated defiantly that she had no intention to hire any minority staffers. And according to Bishop Dave Thomas, senior pastor of Anchorage-based African-American church Jesus Holy Temple, the Palin administration excluded black business owners from the Alaskan oil and gas pipeline board. “We wasn’t even able or allowed to go into the meetings” to seek contracts for the pipeline, Thomas told me.

Palin further alienated Alaska’s black community by becoming the first Alaskan governor in recent memory to not recognize the Juneteenth celebration of the emancipation proclamation. “She doesn’t hire any black people, she doesn’t have any on her staff, so it’s not a surprise that she doesn’t support our Juneteenth celebration,” Alexander said.

Which makes her boogying with that Kenyan witch-doctor/witch-hunter seem all the more hypocritical, does it not?

Frankly, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. After all, she’s the candidate of the racist right. She was installed to steal the thunder of that uppity niggruh, Obama. But this move, like all the others, will backfire, and the thunder will just roll right on over her…watch, wait and see.

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2 Responses to Sarah Palin: RACIST!

  1. Fernando says:

    I have said it some time ago and I have said it again… the only way REAL change can be brought into the US of A is if MCSAME WINS.
    Really, the “American public” needs to be “cooked in their own juices”. In other words… there has been so much brainwashing since the Reagan years, the CATO and all that crap that the “government is an obstacle to progress and the source of all problems” (the Ayn Rand cult), that really, Obama won’t fix it. Half the population will blame Obama for “making things worse” when the reality is that only a magician can fix the BIG HOLE the Repuglicans have digged themselves.
    So it’s only fair that a REPUBLICAN has to face the consequences of the fiscal debt, deficits, and foreign policy.

  2. Oh, I think they’ve been very thoroughly stewed already. After 8 years of BushCo, anything more would be overkill. One would have to be blind, after all this, not to see that unrestrained capitalism (or, quite possibly, ANY capitalism) is a piss-poor servant and a tyrannical master.
    Plus, I’ve got friends down there, and I really don’t want to see any more harm come to them than already has. They don’t deserve the trouble they’ve got. There ARE intelligent gringos who aren’t buying in, even if the public education system has been gutted to stupefy as many as possible. They deserve some right to hope.
    What needs to happen is for Obama to move hard left, not right, once the election is over and the gloves can come off. First order of business: Get rid of ALL neo-liberal/neo-con/neo-fascist financial “advisors”, starting with that NAFTA-touting gink, Austan Goolsbee. He’s got to do a lot more than just put a handsomer, hopefuller face on the crisis; he’s got to do nothing less than pull the ghost of FDR out of his hat and breathe life back into it. Personally, I’d have preferred Dennis Kucinich, as he is actually the best man for the job, or even Cynthia McKinney (black, progressive AND female, how can she miss?), but since the media did such an excellent job of marginalizing both of them from the start, one has to make do with the leftovers.

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