Worth a thousand

Someone once wrote that fascism is capitalism plus murder; I don’t agree. I say it’s capitalism minus gloves. (The murder is always there; you just see it more clearly when…)

This picture is what capitalism looks like when the gloves come off:


It pretty much sums up the situation in Bagua, Peru right now. It was taken by some Belgian volunteers who happened to be in the neighborhood as Alan García’s neoliberal Peru stripped off all pretence of liberalism (neo and otherwise), and just went full-on fascist. For good English summaries of all that’s going on as it happens, see Otto and El Duderino.

And don’t believe the hype you see in the mainstream media (assuming you see anything in there at all); this is a very unequal fight, which the little brown people did not start. The bulk of the dead and injured are indigenous activists, whom the Fat Bastard has already characterized as “not first-class citizens”. If you don’t consider him fascist for thinking that they are second-class, and that therefore it’s okay to steal their land and its riches out from under them (and kill them when they dare to get in the way), you’re probably a fascist too.

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