Allen Stanford comes down another peg


Not so high and mighty NOW, eh, “Sir” Allen?

Actually, the tall Texan’s been taken down another peg. Undoubtedly getting something richly deserved here:

Allen Stanford, the indicted Texas tycoon and cricket impresario who bankrolled the Twenty20 game, has suffered two black eyes and a broken nose in a punch-up in prison.

Mr Stanford, facing trial for allegedly running a $7 billion pyramid scheme through his Antigua-based bank, was admitted to hospital with concussion after the fight on Thursday, officials said. The US Marshals Service said that the 59-year-old, an imposing figure who is 6ft 6in, got into an altercation with another inmate around 10am.

The cause of the fight and the identity of the other inmate involved were not immediately released. The prison is conducting an investigation.

I notice no one’s calling him “Sir” anymore. He’s just “Mr.” now.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t muster up much sympathy for the guy. I wonder why?


I haven’t a clue, do you?

EDIT: Oh lordy-loo, wouldja look at this:

In less than five minutes, he goes from tearful to eye-bugging anger, from “baloney” to “bullshit”, and from wounded victim to threatening to punch someone in the mouth. Hmmm, do you think this show of true colors carried over into the “intolerable” conditions in the pokey?

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