Lucy is now truly “in the sky with diamonds”

From Yellow Submarine, the song.

Sadly, the “girl with kaleidoscope eyes” is gone:

Lucy Vodden, who is widely believed to be the inspiration behind The Beatles’ ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’, has died.

Vodden, 46, had been receiving treatment for the immune system disease Lupus. She passed away last Tuesday.

‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ was featured on The Beatles’ 1967 album ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’.

Critics originally thought the track was about drug use, but John Lennon always maintained it had been inspired by a picture of Vodden drawn by his son, Julian.

He is understood to have shown his father the drawing, and said: “It’s Lucy in the sky with diamonds.”

The pair, who went to a nursery in Weybridge, Surrey together in 1966, reignited their friendship when Julian discovered Vodden was ill.

Here’s the picture Julian drew that so enchanted John and inspired what may be the Beatles’ most misunderstood song:


Rest well, Lucy.

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2 Responses to Lucy is now truly “in the sky with diamonds”

  1. thanks for the info – pictures.
    A friend of mine this week had a baby and named her Lucy, and her older brother is named Jude.
    It’s quite unusual to die of Lupus.

  2. Yes, but sadly, it does happen. I briefly had a flatmate at university who had to drop out because she was diagnosed with the disease and it wore her out. I don’t know what’s become of her since, but I hope she’s okay.

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