Happy End of the World!

According to the fundie nutcases, we should all be dead by now. On the off chance that you’re not, click the play button on this and join me in a beer, eh?

A little backgrounder: This was a carnival song in 1954. The group is called Die Lustigen Jungs (The Jolly Lads) and the lyrics go like this:


On May 30 the world is going to end

We won’t live much longer

We won’t live much longer

On May 30 the world is going to end

We won’t live, we won’t live much longer

But no one knows in which year [it will happen]

And that is wonderful!

We could be here for a long time

And that’s what we’re drinking to!

How lovely is life on this colorful world —

We can raise a glass

As often as we want!

We have fun with that —

Bartender, another glass!


The sweet, lovely ladies —

We’ll never forget them!

When we look into the glass,

We only think of them!

So put your trust in us —

To your health, dear ladies!


Your health too, my friends. Good that we’re all still here, eh?

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