Economics for Dummies: Mike Ruppert on provocateurs and the British riots

Mike Ruppert, a former drug-enforcement cop from Los Angeles who helped expose the CIA’s role in drug smuggling to the US, analyzes the London riots. These riots have an economic root, and it’s NOT what the conservatives of the British parliament would have us believe. This is actually global in nature, and the Arab Spring has demonstrated as much, as have the anti-austerity protests in Greece and Spain. Watch and listen, you’ll learn a LOT.

(Thanks to Corey for the video!)

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3 Responses to Economics for Dummies: Mike Ruppert on provocateurs and the British riots

  1. MoS says:

    I truly hope Ruppert is simply beset by paranoia. The notion that he might be right is almost too dreadful to contemplate. Several years ago some began describing the 21st as the “century of revolution.” I thought they were right then and events since have reinforced my confidence.

  2. Richard says:

    Listen to how Ruppert “sells” himself, and you start to question his credibility. While he’s probably right that what is going on in Britain is hardly a unique response to world-wide conditions for youth (something many of us are thinking about), state bureaucracies just aren’t very good at formenting conspiracies. That they do stupid things, and unleash agentes provcateurs is unquestioned… but, even assuming the state had a hand in stirring the pot (other than just acting like jerks for the last umteen years, decades, centuries) more likely people were fed up and protests, violent or otherwise, were bound to erupt sooner or later.

  3. Richard says:

    Er… “fomenting”, not “formenting”. DOH! Best example of late.

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