What? The Honduran coup isn’t over yet?


Honduran police have turned professional arsonists. Their targets: Honduran peasant villagers. Their employers: Big illegal landowners who refuse to recognize the campesinos’ land claims under a 12-year-old agrarian reform law. Their enemy: President Manuel Zelaya, ousted in 2009 by a coup. Zelaya DID recognize the campesinos’ lawful right to the land. Which is just one reason among many for right-wingers why Mel had to go. So he was heave-ho’d out of the country in his pajamas by the military, while Gorilletti took to squatting in the presidential palace.

Of course, no one burned Gorilletti out of house and home. Which is kind of a shame, because HE was definitely there illegally. And his “elected” (cough, not really) successor, Pepe Lobo, likewise. Lobo has clearly done nothing to reverse what the putschists of Honduras put in place, and on the contrary, is perpetuating it, as the burning village above testifies.

(Thanks, Cort, for the video!)

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  1. john says:

    Revolution is swirling around the world and it will not stop until the people win their rights. The days of the privileged few are numbered.

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