Dear Mississippi…

Sorry to resort to pictures, but it seems that an awful lot of anti-choicers have difficulty reading. Amazing how many of these unsentient adults there are in Mississippi Goddamn, and how many of them take seriously the notion that a just-fertilized egg is a fully formed human being, capable of everything already and yet still in need of government protection from its evil, evil mom. Good thing their opinion did not carry the day last night.

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1 Response to Dear Mississippi…

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    Well, my choice of a campaign theme against all these stupid campaigns, and there will be many more, is to direct them at the horny male egos of the South and the rest of the Rednecks in North America, since you seem to have incubated some up there. Living in the buckle of the bible belt, the campaign should stress that passage of this stupid constitutional amendment would mean that all horny men affected living in states affected by these amendments would have to start using the hated condom or risk paying child support for the following 18 years or longer, depending on the mood of the judge and the quick thinking of the mother’s attorney. That would make a great many noodles go limp and turn a great many Rednecks into pro-choicers overnight. Ya’ think?

    BTW, I am stunned that that measure was so soundly defeated. Maybe that message got through and those with the limp noodles hurried to the voting booths.

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