Stupid Sex Tricks: Occupy WHAT?

As if Occupy Oakland didn’t have enough shit going on, what with two badly injured war vets (at last count) and a fascist mayor. Now this?

New York-based homosexual smut peddler Dirty Boy Video put out a video called “Occupy My Throat” in which two hippie-ish twinks, who look like they might really be fighting income inequality and criminality of the banking system, suck each other off in a tent during the sit-in. We all knew they were having sex in their tents, but here’s definitive proof.

We don’t know how they filmed this between the tear gas, evictions, and murders but where there is a porn director with a will, there is always a way. Then again, while the B-roll was filmed at the protests, the sex in the tent could have been recorded in your mom’s backyard just as easily as the actual site.

Incidentally, Gawker links to the trailer for this. I won’t bother. If you wanna look (and judge for yourself if this is worth getting all het up about), be my guest. I’ve already got my earplugs for the inevitable wave of right-wing howler monkeys claiming that this somehow represents what the whole Occupy movement is all about. It’s the homo-sex-you-alls, coming to homo-sex you ALL!

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