Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx paws at Paraguay

Meow! Ms. Manx is back after a longish hiatus, and she and her stumpy tail have, as usual, been up to no good. Comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable, as anarcho-socialist cyberkitties are wont to do, the Manx has been pawing interesting things about Paraguay out of the hidden corners of the Internet. And here’s what she’s got for us:

From Venezuelanalysis, we learn what Chavecito’s sanctions against the Paraguayan putschists are: Round, sound condemnation, plus a cutoff of oil sales. That should hit big bad Brasiguayo agribusiness where it hurts!

Meanwhile, Global Research has a good backgrounder on Paraguayan history and the lead-up to the coup. Again, Ms. Manx would like to draw your attention to the fact that Paraguay’s economy is primarily agrarian, and disproportionately run by large land-owners. The same, incidentally, who wanted Lugo gone because he wanted to help all those uppity landless peasants. And also the same who fomented the palace coup against him. These things all hang together, saith the Manx. (Also notable: the silence from the Harper Government™, which says volumes about their fascist sympathies. They won’t condemn this clearly antidemocratic coup, which means they approve…and know it will look bad for them to do so overtly.)

And Wikileaks has an interesting diplomatic cable from Asunción. That’s the capital of Paraguay. Of special note: the (false) charges against Lugo (pure crapaganda, saith the Manx), and the special emphasis on the “red menace” angle (golly, it’s like the Cold War never ended!), and of course, the fact that putschists in the US embassy in Asunción have been plotting Lugo’s political demise for at least the past three years, if not the moment he was popularly elected in ’08. (The cable is dated May 2009.) What’s hilarious is their attempt to tar the rather mildly leftist Lugo (refer to the Global Research article above for a more accurate assessment of his politics) with the redder-than-red commie brush. Putschist they may be, but smart they most certainly are NOT. Maybe the real reason the US wants to charge Julian Assange with espionage is because he make their entire “intelligence” apparatus look stupid as fuck. And fascist as hell.

(Thanks to Cort G. for the Wikileak!)

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