Festive Left Friday Blogging: Does he look like he’s dying to you?

Check out the length of this video of Chavecito giving a political speech in Barcelona, Venezuela today:

It goes on for over two hours, and he never falters. A man who’s on his last legs, as some know-nothings would have us believe just a few short weeks ago, couldn’t do that. So much for all those “unnamed sources” and their unconfirmed bullshit that even Dan Rather (shame on him) ate up like it was candy!

Meanwhile, in other “suck it, haters” news, check out Atilio Borón’s firsthand impressions of the very healthy president. And when you’re done that, check out Lula’s vote of confidence, and these many reasons why Chavecito has such a healthy lead over Majunche — sorry, that little putschist putz, Henrique Capriles Radonski — in the polls. And why Majunche, despite his (and the whore media’s) efforts to portray himself as the younger, more vigorous one, isn’t going anywhere. People still remember what he did during the coup of ’02, after all.

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