It’s December 6. Look who decided to forget…

Well, who else…the SupposiTories, who never met a gun nut they couldn’t pander to. Or an international convention they couldn’t break:

The Conservative government has quietly shelved rules on serial numbers for guns that would have helped keep Canada in compliance with its international conventions on arms smuggling.

The decision came through an order-in-council — a cabinet decree — that was not formally announced by the Harper government but has been posted among dozens of other orders on the Privy Council Office website.

A single paragraph on the website states the long-delayed regulations, which were scheduled to come into force on Dec. 1, “are being deferred.”

A spokeswoman for Public Safety Minister Vic Toews confirmed, following an inquiry by The Canadian Press, that the regulations have been pushed off to December 2013.

However Toews’ spokeswoman, Julie Carmichael, would not comment on why the gun lobby was apparently told of the move more than a month ago — even though the order-in-council decision was approved only last week — and why no news release accompanied the policy change.

Isn’t it obvious? They knew there’d be an outcry. Especially today, when 14 women’s deaths in the Montréal Massacre will be remembered, and mourned, as the basis for the very gun laws these evil motherfuckers are now busily rolling back.

And who exactly are they aiming to please? Well, the usual suspects, of course:

Some gun enthusiasts objected to the regulations because they said they would increase costs for manufacturers, who would pass the increase on to gun buyers.

Ah yes. Heaven forfend that the gun nuts should have to pay more for their widdle bang-bangs. Or that they should have to go through the proper legal channels, instead of just buying them from that nice shady cross-border arms smuggler who obligingly brings ’em up from the armed madhouse to the south of us and sells ’em for cheap so that paranoid idiots can have their violence fix.

In the meantime, it’s worth noting that yet another young Floridian — black, of course — has lost his life to the “stand your ground” laws that make the armed madhouse what it is. Namely, a place that Canada doesn’t want to become, but is being dragged into, kicking and screaming, by you-know-who.

The same dirty bastards, of course, who hope we forget all about these women:

Not a chance, motherfuckers. Not. A. CHANCE.

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