Festive Left Friday Blogging: Chavecito’s back!

Never mind all the anglo whore media hype — oh sorry, “concern” — about Chavecito’s health. He’s fine and dandy after his latest trip to Cuba…as the faces of his welcoming committee above make clear:

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, arrived at 2:30 am on Friday at Simón Bolívar airport, from Havana, Cuba, after having received a complementary treatment to consolidate his health.

Upon arrival on home soil, the president met with his executive cabinet to tell them all about the conversation he’d had with Fidel Castro on cultural topics before leaving Cuba.

“Fidel got hold of me in the hotel lobby and we sat down awhile to talk about poetry. First we talked about Andrés Eloy Blanco, then César Rengifo, and after that, Luis Alberto Crespo,” said Chávez.

Visibly healthy, he added: “I recalled for him a poem by Alberto Arvelo Torrealba, dedicated to Bolívar: ‘Por aquí pasó’ [He Passed By Here].

“He passed by here, brother, on his way to those distant mountains, passed through here clad in smoke, my general who went ablaze,” recited the president, referring to the question his dear friend Fidel Castro had asked him: “Since when are you on fire?”

On November 27, the head of state travelled to the Caribbean island for hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy, as recommended by health experts. That same day, the National Assembly approved his request to absent himself from Venezuelan soil. The constitution requires that a president seek permission from the assembly when he needs to remain out of country for more than five days.

Translation mine.

‘Course, Chavecito won’t be at the Mercosur summit, and he’ll have to miss Evo’s big announcement as a result. But he’s earned a good rest, even if it’s unlikely he’ll take it. And maybe, when next the Mercosur leaders meet, both Chavecito and Evo will be there, side by side.

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