Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx swats the gun nutz


Meow! Meow! I know it’s been a while since the Stumpy Cat meowed, but Ms. Manx has gotten restless again, which is a sure sign that she has news for us. And sure enough, today’s roundup is all about those things that dangle from the butt end of a gun in the armed madhouse to the south of us. Namely, Teh Nutz.

First up, some sad news: An “unsecured” gun has killed a kid. Of course, Teh Nutz would dispute that version, so let’s phrase it a little more to their liking (says the Manx, cattily): A kid got his hands on a gun that shouldn’t have been there, and accidentally shot his little brother dead. Because, y’know, guns don’t kill people. And all that cal. Merry fucking Christmas, kids. Don’t let your dumbass parents leave stuff around for you to shoot your eyes out with.

Meanwhile, in DC, a TV gabfest host is in deep doo-doo with the police for waving an illegal ammo clip on the air during a debate on gun violence. The clip was not attached to a firearm, so this is a major moment of WTF. It is, after all, an issue up for some long-overdue discussion. Ms. Manx says she’s fine with DC banning those things, and wonders why they’re not illegal everywhere else, too. Maybe that’s the fault of David Gregory’s guest…Wayne the Peter.

And while we’re on the subject of the Peter, Ms. Manx would like us to remember that the more guns are legal, the more likely the Bad Guys are to get their hands on illegal guns. After all, gun stores (and legal owners who are careless about locking their pieces up) can get robbed. Which kind of makes the Peter’s point about needing more armed “good guys” all over the fucking place look like a Swiss cheese that’s been blasted with a 12-gauge.

And back to DC: Ms. Manx is amused that Dick Armey has elected to live up to his name by dragging an armed goombah along to help him stage a palace coup at a teabagger group he used to head. The ruse backfired, and Dick is now out on his ass. Ms. Manx is no fan of teabags, so she’s giggling behind her paws at the way this one has imploded.

Meanwhile, in other too-aptly-named-dudes news, Jesse James has fired from the jawbone to support the Fucking NRA in its hour of need, with a rant about gangs that tells more about his own bizarre paranoia (seeing as he owns a shop that actively caters to bikers and all) than it does about the need for every Tom, Dick (sorry) and Harry to be armed and dangerous. Ms. Manx thinks the philandering former Mr. Sandra Bullock needs to zip it, and keep it in his pants. In more ways than one.

And finally, Ms. Manx would like to direct your attention to this little story from Gawker, in which the First Amendment snuck up behind the Second, yelled BOOYAH!, and scared the shit out of all the gun nutters.

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4 Responses to Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx swats the gun nutz

  1. Polaris says:

    The United States, with its 300 million “crime controlling” guns, has the highest per capita firearm-related murder rate of all developed countries.

  2. Sabina Becker says:

    And that’s a salient fact that the NRA is trying to pooh-pooh and sweep under the rug, even as more gunmen kill more people in more killing sprees every day.

    Meanwhile, here in Canada, guns are NOT generally seen as a means of crime control. Gun control generally is, as long as you’re not a right-wing nutjob. Our guncrime rates are much lower, although for how much longer, I do not know. Harpo has been doing his level best to bring our laws in line with the mess that prevails to the south of us. I can only shake my head and put a bucket over it.

  3. Jared Wolf says:

    Haha, “Wayne the Peter.” It amazes me how people with zero common sense can be so successful. But I guess there are always places like the NRA for idiots like him. Not that I think mental illness is the major problem, because mentally ill people are almost always harmless, but Wayne “the Peter” seems a little off balance to me.

    From that last link, I couldn’t help but notice the very first comment in the comment section:

    “Way to put every gun owner in danger of home invasion and robbery. Now every maniac looking to steal some guns for some other crime has a shopping list. This is putting people’s lives in danger and shouldn’t be allowed.”

    WTF! Isn’t that exactly what proud gun owners say the 2nd amendment is for in the first place, to protect yourself from “maniacs” and home invasions and robberies? I guess I’m overstating the obvious, but oh the irony! Thats funny.

    Go get em`Ms. Manx!

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Yeah, that “Sunhawk” is a pretty reliable exemplar of the right-wing nutter who clings to guns and NRA propaganda like Linus Van Pelt to his security blanket. Everything I’ve seen of his on Gawker is exactly like that. Cognitive dissonance…what’s that? Dang commie pinko soshalists always using those big words…

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