Dear “One pissed off mother!!!!”: You are an asshole.


Dear woman who wrote the above letter to the grandmother of an autistic boy:

You, madam, are an asshole.

Clearly, on some level, you must be aware of this. You didn’t have the guts or the common decency to sign your name to this obscene screed, which you took the time to type and print out rather than write by hand before you plopped it in the mail. It’s not hard to imagine why. Someone might recognize your handwriting if you did that, and you obviously do not want to be known. You, madam, are a coward.

Of course, you have every reason to take the coward’s route. Just look at what you wrote. Poorly spelled, replete with ALL FUCKING CAPS and extra exclamation points. My Grade 8 English teacher would be all over that with a red pen, and so would any newspaper editor. No wonder you didn’t have the guts to sign your name to that. You, madam, are a shitty writer.

Frankly, it doesn’t surprise me that you are a shitty writer. You are already a shitty person. “By their fruits shall ye know them.”

You say you have “normal children”. I beg to differ. Any child who grows up with a mother who writes such hateful things will NEVER be “normal”. If by chance they do turn out okay, it certainly won’t be because of you. It will be because some better person took a hand before they could fall down the same vile pit that has claimed your mind already. I pray that they get their values not from you, but from better people all around them. Because your values are the values of the high school bully. And the fact that you have not outgrown them speaks very poorly of you.

You should be thankful that your “normal” children have not been taken away from you. Because anyone who writes such obscenities does not deserve the privilege of raising children. You are immature, arrogant, selfish and stupid. No matter what material privileges you still manage to bestow upon your offspring, you will have also given them the silent message that it is okay to bully others, as long as you do it in a manner which makes you difficult, if not impossible, to find and be held accountable. You, madam, are a shitty mother.

I am glad to hear that the boy at whom all this venom was directed has not suffered. On the contrary, young Max has received a great outpouring of love and support, and now feels like a celebrity for it. I hope you are aware of this, and I hope it makes you feel deeply ashamed. How does it feel to be utterly alone in your belief that Max does not belong in your neighborhood?

I also hope you are found and severely humiliated for this, if not arrested and sent to jail. So that your “normal” children see what a bully looks like when she’s finally stripped of her anonymous, “normal” façade. You are a menace to society, not an upholder of it. You, madam, deserve to be ostracized for the rest of your miserable, unproductive life.


A woman who was bullied as a child, and who refuses to tolerate bullying any longer.

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2 Responses to Dear “One pissed off mother!!!!”: You are an asshole.

  1. Neil H. says:

    Bravo, Bina, and thank you for that…


  2. Ck says:

    Great letter. I would also add a blurb about Dr. Temple Grandin. She’s a doctor of animal science, a professor at state Colorado university (I think it’s that one), a public speaker, a best selling author, a consultant in livestock–her expertise is in animal behaviour and an activist for animal rights and for the rights of autistic people. She also made Time’s top 100 most influential people (Hero category). She’s also autistic. Dr. Grandin has accomplished more in her life than most who are not autistic, certainly more than “pissed off mom”.

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