Another defeat for guarimbas in Venezuela

Hey! Remember all those useless idiots and their dumb little #SOS Venezuela hashtag from February? Remember how they all thought it was such a “game-changer”, and that the “tyrant” Maduro would go down in defeat because of some stupid tweets, and even stupider violence?

Well, today they got served another big slice of humble pie by none other than Madurito himself:

And here’s the story, from Aporrea:

Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro announced the formation of the Committee of Families of Victims of the Guarimbas to demand justice and punishment for those responsible for staining the streets of the land with blood for months in their attempt to bring down the Bolivarian government.

“Spouses and children of the men and women of our land, civilians and militaries, who were murdered or suffered injuries during the guarimbas”, said the president from Miranda on Thursday, where he took part in another inauguration of public works and housing as part of the Territorial Socialism program.

“I call upon this committee of family members to activate so that there will be justice in the land and in the world, and that fascists will be recognized and denounced,” Maduro added.

Maduro recalled that on February 12, when right-wing militants destroyed the façade of the Public Ministry and the Carabobo Park square in Caracas, it marked the beginning of violence programmed by opposition directors, with international support.

“No one imagined that on that day, five months of violence would begin, with 40-odd dead at the hands of fascist groups who began the destruction with guarimbas,” Maduro said. He recalled the strangulations with wires on the barricades, the murders of members of the Bolivarian National Guard, and of civilians who were cleaning up the streets, and the intemperate threats from politicians who believed themselves to be superior.

“They underestimated the civilian-military power of the Bolivarian Revolution, the power of the conscience of the people. 2014 will be the year we defeated the fascist guarimba that tried to set fire to the land and subjugate the people with violence and foreign interference.”

He commented that the recuperation of Carabobo Park, which the Mayoralty of Caracas opened to the public on Thursday, is a triumph of peace and of the Venezuelan people.

He also recalled that international campaign in which local artists and foreigners screamed and wrote signs with the phrase “SOS VENEZUELA”.

“Where were they, how much were some of them paid for that?” asked Maduro. He contrasted that hypocritical manipulative attempt with the silence those same groups demonstrated when Israel massacred the people of Gaza.

“Why didn’t they say ‘SOS Palestine’? Millions said ‘SOS Palestine’, but not those paid-off groups, some of them deceived, but who later recognized their error.”

Maduro said that the defeated believed that this world-wide manipulative media operation would pay off. He confirmed that all the fighting to confront the lie had been worth it.

“And thank you, a thousand and one times, to the Venezuelan people, their conscience, their gigantic strength, which has passed all the tests we have had to stand, and let us go on overcoming them.”

Translation mine.

You may have noticed that Madurito is wearing a keffiyeh in the video. That’s because something else is happening in Venezuela, something very special: A hundred medical students from Palestine have arrived to begin their studies at the Dr. Salvador Allende School of Medicine. They will be taking home that training to a land that sorely needs it — especially in Gaza, which Madurito referenced in his speech. Here is the Palestinian ambassador to Venezuela, Linda Sabeh Ali, thanking Madurito and Venezuela for the free education they are about to receive:

Great news indeed, and it could not come at a time of greater need.

¡Viva Venezuela!

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