Big butthurt in Little Havana


Oh, those poor pathetic ex-Cubans. They just can’t get no luvvin’ from anyone. Not from the island, that’s for sure. And not from a certain Argentine-born pontiff, who’s been sounding too much like Che Guevara for their liking lately, either:

Some 25 persons gathered on Saturday in Miami to express their rejection of Pope Francis, in a demonstration in which some attendees went so far as to call him a “traitor” for the role he played in the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Washington and Havana, according to EFE.

Organized by the “Vigilia Mambisa” movement, the demonstrators met near the well-known Café Versailles, on Calle Ocho of Little Havana, where they hoisted placards calling Pope Francis and Cuban cardinal Jaime Ortega “personas non grata”.

“The pope sold himself to the Cuban government”, was one of the claims most heard at the gathering, in which the attendees also expressed their disappointment at the lack of a meeting with the so-called “pro-American dissidents” on the island during Francis’s entire visit to Cuba, which began on Saturday.

The demonstrators wore black bands on their left arms, as well as on several Cuban flags, as a “symbol of mourning” for what Cuba is living through, according to Vigilia Mambisa spokespersons.

This week, Cuban activist Ramón Saúl Sánchez, president of the Democracy Movement, began a “fast of conscience” in Miami, in order to ask the pope to intercede for “civil society” during his visit to Cuba, and to “join the Cuban family”.

According to EFE, the 61-year old has lost ten pounds (4.5 kilos) due to the protest that he maintains from a tent installed beside the Monument to the Martyrs in Little Havana, and in which he only ingests water.

Translation mine.

Hey Ramón, if you have any sense, you’ll just start eating again and give up your bid for martyrdom. Because if these photos of Fidel and the Pontiff are any indication, so-called “civil society” and “dissidents” have fallen out of grace, not just with the mainstream of Cuban society, but also with the Vatican’s numero uno hombre.

As for the rest of the demonstrators, they can take their mourning bands off their flags and shuffle on home in defeat. Cuba will never be theirs again. They fucked off when the Revolution rolled over the island; too bad, so sad. By choosing capitalism over Cuba, they forfeited all their claims to the island. Suck it up, Mambis, you’re finitos.

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