German women fight back against “sexual fascist” Roosh V


Roosh V: Got no game, obvs. But at least he’ll always have Rubber Rita…

By now, it’s no longer a secret that “pickup artist” slimeball Roosh V is planning a bunch of meetups for presumably like-minded men. And it’s no secret that women around the world are also planning to fight back if they see these guys in their cities and towns. Here’s what’s going on in Germany, according to Die Störenfriedas:

Next Saturday, pickup artists have called for meetings in 165 cities worldwide, at secret landmarks, to try their techniques out on defenceless women. In the social networks, the waves are lapping high; even the first print media are slowly reacting. That’s bitterly necessary, too, because the adherents of pickup artistry think that rape in general should be legalized.

Roosh V (Daryush Valizadeh), the initiator, wrote a blog entry in February 2015 titled “How to Stop Rape”. In it, he formulated the thesis that one could stop the problem of sexual assault quite simply by making rape in private areas legal. Lately, on Twitter, he explained that it was satire and not meant to be taken seriously.

The group of pickup artists around him call themselves “Return of Kings”. Interestingly, they are also critical of refugees. German PUA adherents, according to their own comments, don’t feel safe in the streets anymore, because the refugees are already working their havoc there.

It’s no wonder that misogynous groups are also misanthropic toward other groups of people. Whoever hates women, also often hates strangers, the poor, foreigners, or otherwise disadvantaged people. This is the phenomenon of the Angry White Men, who are the worldwide elite, or rather, the #1 link in the chain of oppression. Basically, they act as if they were in competition with the refugees for their “prey”, namely women. One could puke at this image of women and humanity.

This blog entry sums up the situation well:

“Every man has a right to sex with every woman at every time. Roosh and his adherents are not only sexists, they are sexual fascists who deny women the basic right of self-determination.”

Mimikama has tried, with best intentions, to cut short a presumptive hysteria around Saturday’s planned activities. But in doing so, they overlook, unfortunately, the fact that the boundaries between meetings in which it will be declared that men have the right to take women against their will using force and manipulation, and men who will then take that and run with it, are fluid. We don’t know what will happen on Saturday, but the very idea that groups of men around the world are going on the hunt against women in cities is unbearable. Women here are being degraded, depersonalized, objectified, and declared defenceless victims per se, to serve as entertainment for bored, spoiled brats who want to live out their sexual fantasies. To pity these guys is not enough, because their techniques are successful and their attitude is unmistakable. They are denying women their sexual self-determination.

Watch out, inform yourselves well, and go out on the streets if you can. We shouldn’t leave our streets to them.

Whoever wants to take part in protests (in Germany) can find all info here.

Translation mine. Links as in original, except for Roosh V’s own crap, which I’ve do-not-linked so he doesn’t profit any further from your clickage. Just doing my bit to starve the beast…

The entry goes on to list all the German places where the scumbags plan to meet. Here’s a complete worldwide list. And here, too, is a call for decent men to help fight back; please reblog if you’re on Tumblr. Here’s a petition to sign to get Return of Kings declared a terrorist group. (Don’t forget to check your e-mail and click on the confirmation link, so your signature goes through!)

Also, here are some heartening reports out of my home and native land:

A Toronto women’s boxing club is planning to go mano-a-mano vs. the menzers, if they spot any. Let’s see if these skulking cowards have the chops to stand up to some badass lady boxers!

Mayors of various cities are tweeting their intention to keep Roosh’s acolytes at bay. Looks like those meetups are not going unnoticed in their target towns!

Sadly, though, no word yet from Parliament Hill as to whether the Minister of Immigration plans on perma-barring this uggo. Tick tock, Mr. McCallum…tick tock.

Australia, meanwhile, is going us one better; they’re planning to deny Roosh a visa on character grounds should he try to come in and give any talks. New Zealand is planning to do the same.

Certainly he’s a shoddy character who should be kept out of every civilized country, just on account of how he’d stink the joint up; he hilariously kvetches about having to maintain personal hygiene in order to appeal to women even mildly. Little wonder he seems to think he should have the right to take them by force; obviously, if the matter were left to their free will, he’d never get his malnourished dick wet at all.

And little wonder, then, that he and his acolytes are actually quite serious about wanting their whole rape culture schtick to be legal. He is, after all, a self-admitted rapist.

PS: And Rapey Boy has just tucked tail, at least where Canada is concerned. Guess the lovely lady boxers made what’s in HIS boxers wilt. Ha, ha.

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