Pepe Mujica says it all


Last night I wrote down my own thoughts on the whole electoral fiasco in the United States of Amnesia. Today, I thought I’d give the floor to one of my favorite foreign leaders, namely a certain lovable former president of Uruguay:

The former president of Uruguay, José Mujica (who governed from 2010 to 2015) said “Help!” upon hearing that Donald Trump had been elected president of the United States.

“I’m only going to say one word, one, and with that I will sum it all up: Help!”, said the former president, who is currently a senator, via Radio Uruguay, from Italy.

Asked whether the US presidential election result had surprised him, Mujica said that “bad news always comes as a surprise”.

Later, Mujica said he is not afraid of Trump, “but of the people who accompany him”, because the Republican candidate for the White House “will pass, but those people will still be there.”

Translation mine.

Yes, Pepe, you most definitely said it all. Drumpf may come, and Drumpf WILL go. Perhaps he may even “pass” sooner than anyone anticipated (the Electoral College formally votes in December, it’s worth noting). But these people, whom he has emboldened with all his racist, antisemitic dog-whistles and xenophobic bluster, will still be around, just as they were a hundred years ago, in their last heyday:


And if that’s not cause to yell for help, I don’t know what is.

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