Canada and Ireland: BOLO!

Attention, fellow Canadians and friends in Ireland: Have you seen this man? If you have, please return him to Mexico, where he’s wanted:

Canada or Ireland could be the two countries where one would find Javier Duarte, a fugitive from justice in Mexico, for whom the Mexican Attorney General’s office is offering a 15-million-peso reward.

This according to radio reporter Ricardo Rocha, with information from journalist Alejandro Aguirre, after a lawyer for the ex-governor of Veracruz informed, in a letter, that the man had abandoned the country in early November.

The former governor could be taking advantage of Canada or Ireland, where persons declaring themselves as politically persecuted can remain in those nations.

Translation mine.

So, folks, keep your eyes peeled. 15 million pesos translates to close to a million in Canadian dollars, and nearly 700,000 euros. That’s no chicken feed, and you’d be catching a fox who robbed his own henhouse, to boot.

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