Black lives don’t matter at FUX Snooze

Francis Maxwell notes a disturbing trend at the not-so-fair-or-balanced right-wing channel: Black lives, like that of Philando Castile, don’t matter to them one iota, because they never mention him. When they DO mention black people, it’s always in the context of “oh those thugs, how DARE they?” They waste a shitload of airtime criticizing the respectful, even patriotic protests of Colin Kaepernick against racism, but they never examine their own. Probably because if they could smell it for what it was, they’d all be gagging. No, better to just fume away…and project their own stinking racism onto the very people who’ve been fighting it since the day they were born.

BONUS: Guess who else doesn’t think black lives matter?

Yup, the NRA. And there’s a reason for that: They were actually FOR gun control when it was black people getting the guns to defend themselves from racist assaults.

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