Teh Stoopid at wrek

No, srsly. No step on snek, because snek bite…with a bullet! Aaaand sometimes, it bite its snekky self in teh ass:

GETTYSBURG, PA – The rumor that antifa were coming to Gettysburg National Military Park to desecrate Confederate monuments there turned out to be false, but that did not stop a group of militia members from coming out, standing guard and shooting themselves in the foot – or literally in their left thigh.

According to Pennlive, a “patriot” in his twenties, later identified as Benjamin Hornberger, 23 of Shippensburg, PA, accidentally triggered the revolver he brought to the park, which was inside a leg holster, when he temporarily rested the bottom of his flag pole against the holster. Park police who were nearby when the shooting took place quickly applied a tourniquet, possibly saving his life.

The accidental discharge happened near four designated fenced areas for demonstrators. Many of the ‘patriots’, did not go into those areas immediately reportedly because their permit was suspended because of a brief rain, but instead marched around the perimeter. After the rain cleared, they were allowed in.

Later, as police were trying to unload the revolver, it went off a second time while visitors were nearby. Police say the gun was “bad” and they had a hard time getting the rounds out of the chamber. After they forced all of the rounds out of the revolver, they secured the gun.

Stoopid snek. See what happens when Teh Stoopid gets its hands on guns?

But wait. We’re not even at the funny part yet:

Several weeks ago, rumors circulated that an antifa Twitter account announced that they were going to the park to desecrate its Confederate monuments, namely its flags, but the Twitter account was one of several fake antifa accounts with no connection to antifascist groups that attempt to paint them in a bad light. The story was circulated by neo-Fascist provocateurs such as Jack Posobiec, himself a Pennsylvania native, and Cassandra Fairbanks, and was also picked up by the right wing World News Daily and Fox News, who noted in their article that a Central Pennsylvania antifa group noted on their Facebook page that the report of such an action “smelled fishy”. Ironically, some Twitter accounts were calling for antifa to be shot.

Which, of course, is where this dumb kek-snek, Ben Hornberger, comes in. He was no doubt hoping to bag a few antifascists with his crappy bang-bang gun for Jeebus, the confederacy, the flag, and all that patriotic shit. Problem is, he reacted to a blindingly obvious hoax. How obvious? Let’s take a good look at what got his side all worked up and then I’ll enumerate the ways, ‘kay?

First off, this post appeared on 4chan. Why would real Antifa members post there? Uh…they wouldn’t. They might read the forum to get a feel for what the fascists of the Internet are up to lately, but they wouldn’t post anything under the Antifa banner. Much less their intentions for the date in question. Their MO is not to take the fight to the enemy online, but on the streets. The last place they would telegraph anything is a forum known as a haven for trolls, turds…and Nazis.

Secondly, there’s the fraudulent Harrisburg 100 post, referred to by the fake-Antifa channer. Real Antifa are not given to desecrating graves. Again, not their style. Who does that? NAZIS. They do it to Jewish graves all the time. And to Jewish Holocaust memorial sites, too. The fact that no place but an obscure Facebook page reported it is hinky in and of itself. But we all know how Donnie Drumpf’s followers feel about fake news, don’t we?

Third: Flag-burning? Get out. That’s a joke. Antifa have no time for that shit. But right-wingers sure do like to charge at that waving cape with their horns down, don’t they? And little do they realize they’re being played.

Then there’s the language of the post itself. You don’t even have to be a member of any Antifa group to know what’s wrong with it. Anti-fascists do not go around calling anybody “faggots”, because (a) plenty of anti-fascists happen to be on the LGBT+ spectrum themselves, and (b) even we straight ones are not fucking homophobes. NO TRUE ANTI-FASCIST USES SUCH WORDS.

Know who does go around using that word? Yup…FASCISTS. Because they’re the ones who think there’s something wrong with being queer, and something “edgy” about using anti-gay slurs to rag on others. That’s because they haven’t a fresh or original idea under any single one of their hideous haircuts. For them, history stopped in 1945, when one of their Dear Leaders hung by his heels from a gas station roof in Italy, while another blew his brains out in a bunker in Germany. They’ve been looking for a re-match ever since. And they are the ones spoiling for a fight. It’s a fight nobody else wants, but if they insist on shoving themselves in where they’re not wanted, they will get the Dickie Spencer treatment…not knifed or shot.

And they won’t get it when they expect it, either, because that too is not Antifa’s MO.

So, now you know what’s wrong with the picture. Antifa are just not that fucking bloodthirsty. And they wouldn’t be ignorant enough to fall for such an obvious troll, either. But you know who would be that bloodthirsty and dumb? Yup…FASCISTS. And that’s exactly what the fake-Antifa troll was banking on.

As the old German saying goes: Der Fuchs ist schlau und stellt sich dumm, der Nazi macht es andersrum! (The fox is smart and plays dumb, the Nazi does it the other way ’round.)

Happy 4th of July, motherfuckers. Sic semper imbecilis.

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