“Proud Boys” not looking so proud up here

Oh dear. Looks like somebody isn’t ready for prime time…

The Proud Boys have shamed Canada’s military.

At a press conference Tuesday afternoon, rear admiral John Newton apologized for the behaviour of five six Armed Forces members who disrupted an Indigenous protest on Canada Day.

“I’ll stand here in front of you and apologize to the Aboriginal community, to anybody, the entire public community,” Newton said. “We can do better as a system.”


The self-described “Proud Boys” showed up to Cornwallis Park on Canada Day, Red Ensign flag in hand, to disrupt an Indigenous ceremony that was being held to commemorate the genocide of First Nations peoples.

Newton says he was made aware of the incident by those who contacted him directly over social media, as well as from the outcry of his Indigenous friends and fellow Armed Forces members.


Tuesday marks the second apology Newton has had to make in recent weeks due to Navy members disrespecting First Nations peoples. In late May, a sailor on the HMCS Fredericton interrupted a graduation ceremony for participants in the Canadian Armed Forces Aboriginal entry program with a “war cry.”

…or for their close-up, Mr. DeMille:

A CBC interview ended awkwardly on Wednesday after a controversial guest defended an 18th-century decree offering money for the dead bodies of Indigenous people.

Gavin McInnes was on “Power & Politics” to discuss the Canadian military’s decision to suspend five servicemen who interrupted a Mi’kmaq ceremony on Canada Day.


Cornwallis founded Halifax in 1749 and offered “10 Guineas for every Indian Micmac taken, or killed, to be paid upon producing such savage taken or his scalp.”

On CBC News Network Wednesday, host Hannah Thibedeau asked: “Given Cornwallis issued a bounty on the scalps of Mi’kmaq people, can you see why the Indigenous people were protesting?”

“Can you see why Cornwallis issued a bounty on Mi’kmaqs?” McInnes replies.

He was then left to rant for several minutes — mispronouncing “Mi’maq” as well as the name of Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan.

Speaking of the mispronounced minister, here’s what HE had to say about all this:

Well, that was embarrassing. And given that the so-called “Proud Boys” who heckled the Mi’kmaq demo were all pretty quick to go quiet on their previously active Facebook accounts, I’m guessing that they were not so proud after all. Surely not because of anything the admiral may have told them in private, or anything like that?

Meanwhile, a local columnist spoke for us all when he pronounced the “Boys” to be “pathetic, dumb, and dangerous”. Pathetic, because how insecure in your masculinity do you have to be to have an all-male club that forbids masturbation, requires its members to undergo a beating while reciting the names of cereals, and “venerates housewives” (because uppity women who work outside the home are all such threatening ball-busters)? Dumb, because they thought it was clever to show up with their fugly fashy haircuts to taunt local indigenous people with a “proud” endorsement of full-scale genocide while waving an obsolete flag. And dangerous, because they, who are clearly fascists, infiltrated an organization that is supposed to be standing on guard for Canada — ALL of it, not just the insecure, cisgendered, non-fapping white boys who join racist gangs and “venerate” housewives (but only the white ones!) and hurl abuse at non-white people. An organization that, during World War II, helped defeat an enemy with remarkably similar (and stupid) ideologies to those of the “Proud Boys”.

Shame on them. I hope they have to sit through a thousand compulsory history lectures for this. And if they remain in the navy, I hope they never get out of KP duty. May they scrub latrines with their toothbrushes until the day they are dishonorably discharged, and may the world laugh in their faces forever more.

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