US far right tries to insert itself in Canadian politics, fails

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If you thought that the whole “America First” attitude of Donnie & Co. would spell the end of US imperialism and interference in other countries’ affairs, you are sadly mistaken. Get a load of the effrontery of Wile E. Pickle and FUX Snooze as they stray faaaaar out of their lane. First a bit of backgrounder:

A former Trump White House adviser, several news organizations and the president’s favourite Fox News morning show have all dumped on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s explanation for why pro-life groups should be excluded from $220 million in federal jobs grants.

The prime minister’s suggestion that pro-life groups were out of line with Canadian society triggered criticism in the country next door — where abortion remains a subject of mainstream political debate and is a central issue in the struggle for control of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Okay, so far, no controversy there. I may not agree with the Trudizzle on everything, but he’s right about this. Since 1988, Canada has had no laws restricting abortion, and over three-quarters of Canadians are in agreement with that. A vocal minority, however, held sway in Ottawa during Stephen Fucking Harper’s reign of terror, and he was more than happy to throw taxpayer dollars at them by way of summer jobs spreading anti-choice crapaganda, which is often based on blatant, misogynous lies. A majority of Canadians were and still are NOT okay with this. And that’s why no federal job-grant money should be thrown at them. Withdrawing taxpayer dollars from them and allocating that cash where it will actually do some good would be wise.

But guess who’s just not into this much wisdom? Yup, none other than Wile E. Pickle, Suuuuuper Genius:

“This man is reprehensible,” tweeted former White House staffer Sebastian Gorka.

Oh, shut the fuck up and go back to Hungary, you impotent gherkin. And take your Nazi medal and your diploma-mill doctorate with you.

FUX Snooze, of course, also can’t handle the common sense worth a damn:

The latest controversy involves a new Canadian policy — when applying for federal grants for student jobs, organizations are now required to sign a form attesting that neither their core mission, nor the job being funded, opposes human rights, including reproductive rights.

Pro-life activists are suing the federal government over it.

The abortion controversy produced a segment Monday on the morning show Fox and Friends.

Host Brian Kilmeade said: “What message is he trying to send to us, maybe?” Co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy added: “What happens in Canada often comes down to us. This is an effort to silence pro-lifers. … This is a sign of intolerance. If you have a pro-life view you’re not welcome to share it or else you’re kicked out of this program.”

Memo to FUX and Fiends: You’re allowed to hold whatever opinions on abortion you like here in Canada. Even the most Nazified white supremacist of a so-called “pro-lifer” is tolerated here, alas. You are not, however, entitled to a dime of taxpayer money to promote misogyny, lies, and antiscientific nonsense. See the difference?

As for what message this is sending, it’s simple: Canada is NOT a theocracy. Human rights come first here. Women’s rights are human rights. The right to abortion is every woman’s right, and no one else has the right to impede it in any way. That was decided by our Supreme Court in 1988, and that decision is settled. And your free speech stops where a woman’s right to control what goes on in her own body begins. Keep your rosaries off our ovaries. Capisce?

In other words: No one is being “silenced” here. Anti-choicers are simply being denied federal funding to make a cottage industry of their bullshit. If they want money so they can lie to us, they can damn well go raise their own. Leave our taxes alone.

And if you’re a US right winger, we’ll thank you kindly to fuck off, stay in your lane and out of our land, and keep your pious hypocritical fingers out of our politics AND our pussies.

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