Who is sponsoring Ukraine’s neo-Nazis?

Max Blumenthal explains the “mysterious” rise of the Azov “battalion” (really, neo-fascist thug gang) in the wake of the Maidan uprising and the breakaway of the Donbass region. It’s absolutely amazing how many foreign elements are at work in this supposedly native “movement” — imported trainers and ideologues from various parts of Europe are whipping them up. But who’s arming them and paying for those fugly thugly uniforms? Well, surprise, surprise…Donnie Drumpf’s government just loves these motherfuckers. And so does Raytheon, because anything that boosts weapon sales is good in their eyes. Even if it’s bad for life, liberty and the pursuit of actual happiness.

Oh, and get a load of the massive censorship on the part of the Polish and Ukrainian governments, too. You can’t say “Polish death camp” in Poland, even though there WERE Polish death camps. And a large number of Poles were active participants (and very enthusiastic ones) in the Holocaust. Just as not all Germans were Nazis, so not all Nazis were Germans…and some of the worst were from outside of Germany. Eastern Europe had an antisemitism problem long before Adolf Hitler came moping along. (Pogrom, for instance, is a Russian word.) And as Max B. points out, the road to Babi Yar…is now named after one of Ukraine’s most infamous Nazi collaborators.

Yevgeny Yevtushenko is rolling in his grave.

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