Dafuq is up with this Sam Nunberg character?

And I use the word advisedly, because Donnie’s Shite House is stacked to the rafters with guys that THESE guys diplomatically call “performative”:

One of them says Nunberg’s law firm is “Gin and Tonic”, but I’m wondering if it isn’t Cocaine and Xanax. Either way, a guy who babbles like this has a fool for a lawyer, particularly if he’s going in pro se:

Dude’s a fine one to crack on about Sarah Fuckabee’s chunkiness, when he looks like a sausage casing stuffed with finely milled bat guano himself.

And all jokes about his mental state aside, the fact is that Robert Mueller is closing in. Donnie’s toast, Roger Fucking Stone is toast, just butter their butts and call ’em all toast. This herd of swine are all going to the federal pen, and I am so here for it.

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