In which two clueless white guys kvetch cluelessly about black guys

Charlie Kirk — the never-went-to-college-kid who’s trying to “reform” post-secondary education by stacking college student councils with Koch-funded right-wing flunkies — “interviews” Jordan Fucking Peterson, the pseudo-intellectual self-help gewrew who keeps whining that he’s totally not a right-winger, even though he’s obviously scared to debate the leftists who oppose him (because they would prove him hilariously wrong, especially the women he can’t hit), and seems to attract nothing BUT fashy haircuts and bigots in search of a “scientific” justification for their bigotry. And what are they talking about? How black people are just mindless, feckless breeders who don’t care about their children.

It’s too late for Peterson, who apparently managed to find a woman willing to reproduce with him, but let’s hope Charlie-boy never spawns, because he looks and sounds too dumb to find his own dick.

BTW, here’s a real black caller, telling Sam what HE makes of that “interview”:

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