Is Stephen Miller emulating his boss?

Or at least, his weird coping mechanisms for dealing with male-pattern baldness? It sure looks that way to me:

Apparently, Sam Seder and his crew think the same.

In my unhumbled and not so unpopular opinion, bald (or balding) guys who honestly own their lack of hair are far more attractive and appealing than those who try this desperately to fake what they haven’t got. Hell, my late dad had male-pattern baldness, and it was a glad day in our household when he quit combing over and just shaved his head. Bald isn’t bad! Straight women would rather have an honestly bald guy than one who pretends to be hairier than he is. And no wonder: Who wants to run her hands over a shitload of gooey fake-hair spray? Or be ordered to refrain from touching the world’s most unconvincing comb-over?

Not, I hasten to add, that anyone wants to touch Skeevy Stevie or Dirty Donnie. That would be disgusting even without the hairspray and the schwoop.

Here’s one honestly bald guy whom I like a lot, throwing that stone:

And here’s David Hogg’s view of the matter:


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