Michael Cohen buries Donnie

You wanna see damning testimony? I got yer damning testimony riiiiiight here:

Yes, that’s right…Donnie DID meet with all those Russkies he claims never to have met with. And all in the hopes of building a “tower” in Moscow that never actually materialized. How about that! He’s been lying to us all this time. And more to the point: He violated the emoluments clause, which is grounds for impeachment.

Also, Donnie DID pay off Stormy Daniels to hush her up during the 2016 election campaign. And Diaper Don is on the hook, too, because his squiggle is on those cheques:

Gonna be so satisfying when both these thugs get frog-marched off to the Big House in shackles and orange coveralls. Which should match Donnie’s Cheeto-dust face and hair to perfection.

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