What we’ve learned from the Cohen hearings (so far)

I feel like doing a roundup today, so here we go. First off, we learn that Cohen was a take-the-money-and-run kind of guy:

Yeah, that’s right: Novartis PAID him to influence Donnie, but he just took their money for (apparently) nothing.

We also learned that Mark Meadows is a stinking racist, that his biracial nevvies have a racist for an uncle, and Rashida “Impeach That Motherfucker” Tlaib is a total badass for calling him out:

(Extra props to Mikey Cohen for actually sassing back at him that he, as a relative of Holocaust survivors, ALSO worked for a racist.)

And in addition, we learned that the Internet never forgets a racist’s past, no matter how many black women he trots out to prove how totally-not-racist he is:

Yeah, Birthers, that’s right, you’re gonna get called on your shit A LOT from now on. DEAL WITH IT.

And we also learned just how savvy a politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is, even though she’s an absolute beginner:

She’s kicking ass and taking names, daring (and caring) to ask the questions that the paid-off bottom-feeders like Mark Meadows have been ignoring for YEARS. And what’s more, she’s drawing on her own experience as a resident of the Bronx as the basis for her questioning. DAMN, this woman is GOOD. She’s doing it very efficiently, and opening up space for the hearings that will no doubt lead to Donnie’s impeachment. And she even had time to spare…notice how she said she would yield the rest of her time to the chairman?

And oh yeah, there was also this:

Surprise! Donnie was a crappy student, and willing to spend a lot of money (and threats) to cover it up.

I wonder what else he’s hiding from us…

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