Busting the Epstein conspiracy theories

If by any chance you believed that Jeffrey Epstein’s rich, powerful former cronies had him killed in order to keep him quiet, you might want to calm down, wipe away that lather, and watch this:

Don’t worry, people, this legal fight has just begun. The victims — the REAL people that the rich cronies feared would speak out — are still coming forward. Far from being intimidated by his jailhouse death, they are now empowered. When Epstein hung himself, he released them from the non-disclosure agreements he’d had them sign (under duress, no doubt). They are speaking out, and they are suing his estate…and they stand a good chance of being witnesses in more than one criminal trial in future, too.

Epstein is NOT the victim in this case. He is not even A victim. The exploited girls — recruited by Epstein via Ghislaine Maxwell and who knows what others — are the victims. They are grown women now. They are survivors.

And if anyone thought they were quashed and silenced and would make no trouble, those fools are about to be proved terribly wrong. There is no conspiracy big enough to hold them back any longer.

PS: Here’s the final verdict on how he killed himself:

Seems like there was a perfect storm of factors at work to make it possible. But I don’t doubt that it WAS suicide, even so.

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