Who’s dumber, Donnie or the NYT?

I don’t know, and I’m not gonna rack my you-know-what about it, but here’s David Doel with the whole laugh riot:

Donnie’s such a Very Stable Genius that he even has the Lamestream Media™ propping him up now…and, when everybody laughs out loud at the stupidity of it all, including kids on TikTok, they have to retract their ill-conceived attempt at “objectivity”.

Honestly, though, when the Onion gets it closer to right than the “real” media, it’s pathetic.

And trying to pretend you were being “sarcastic” when it all blows up in your face is just lame. As is Breitbart’s “fact check”, which tries to belie the obvious (and serious).

But dumbest of all, still, are those who believe right-wing media…and would still vote for this fucking buffoon.

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