Pooty-Poot FLEES as Russia explodes with anti-war/anti-draft outrage

Uh oh, did SOMEBODY overestimate his own popularity with his own people? It appears SOMEBODY has…

And now, he’s hiding in his dacha in the woods between Moscow and St. Petersburg. And apparently, he haz a sad. Awwwww!

Meanwhile, here’s Niki Proshin, again, with further insights as to why SOMEBODY is suddenly so unpopular, and why he’s retreating to his fainting couch:

Seeing as it’s a “fight or flight” situation, and flight is now becoming less and less of an option (at a dramatic pace), it seems that fight is gaining the upper hand. Turns out that not everyone in Russia is a huge fan of Pooty-Poot, and some are making their disgust known in that most Russian of ways, the Molotov cocktail.

I just wonder if and when Pooty’s going to catch any while out at his dacha.

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