Missing Link relieved that mass-murdering son at least isn’t gay

Srsly. You have to see this to believe it, and even then, you might not believe a word of it. David Doel has the deets:

And here’s a snip from the Daily Beast:

Aldrich, Brink, and Aldrich’s mother, Laura Voepel, have long raised red flags among others in the family, a relative told The Daily Beast shortly after Aldrich’s arrest.

“I don’t want anything to do with that part of the family,” the relative said, asking that their name not be used to avoid becoming tangled up with them again. “They’ve always had issues, a lot of problems… I’m totally disgusted by that side of the family right now.”

In Brink’s interview with CBS 8, he apologized for Aldrich’s alleged actions, saying there’s “no excuse for going and killing people. If you’re killing people, there’s something wrong. It’s not the answer.”

At the same time, Brink, a recovering methamphetamine user who once appeared on the reality show Intervention, said he “praised [Aldrich] for violent behavior really early. I told him it works. It is instant and you’ll get immediate results.”

Brink also said he didn’t realize Aldrich was still alive, telling CBS 8 that Voepel called him in 2016 and said their son had changed their name to Anderson Lee Aldrich, then died by suicide.

“I thought he was dead,” Brink said. “I mourned his loss. I had gone through a meltdown and thought I had lost my son… His mother told me he changed his name because I was in Intervention and I had been a porno actor.”

So, let’s take a moment to absorb all this: The accused shooter may be an enby, which makes for a horrifying probable motive for going in there and shooting up a drag performance night in which several trans people were also present. They’re estranged from other relatives. AND they have THIS weirdly oblivious guy for a father, who has some interesting entries on his résumé:

Brink, who has appeared in such films as My MILF Boss 8, I Wanna Get Titty Fucked, and Latina Slut Academy, told CBS 8, “You know Mormons don’t do gay. We don’t do gay. There’s no gays in the Mormon church. We don’t do gay.” (The Mormon Church has confirmed that Aldrich was a member but had not been active in some time.)

A Mormon? A porn performer? A “recovering” meth head? That’s fucked up, and don’t ask me which part of it I think is the fuckiest. I’d be going in circles all night!

And that’s just one parent. On the maternal side, the accused killer has not only a steaming mess for a mother, but a teabagger-turned-MAGAt politician for a grandfather — one who got defeated in the recent midterm elections. Grandpa Dearest had some choice words about the January 6 terrorist putsch, too:

California chapters of a group focused on national security are calling on the State Assembly to expel member Randy Voepel, R-Santee, for comments he made following the siege on the U.S. Capitol last week.

“This is Lexington and Concord. First shots fired against tyranny,” Voepel said in a San Diego Union-Tribune article that ran three days after the Capitol riot which left five people dead, including a San Diego woman. “Tyranny will follow in the aftermath of the Biden swear-in on January 20th,” Voepel said.

Tyranny, huh? Funny, but the only tyranny I’m seeing is the rampaging of the fascist gun nuts, shooting up anything and everything that they don’t like. Including nightclubs where innocent people of all gender and sexual orientations are just enjoying a drag show and celebrating the memory of trans people whose lives have been lost to just such senseless violence as this.

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