Right-wing terrorists target queer people, oppress whole communities

Hey! Remember when the participants at a certain right-wing convention in the US of Amnesia put up a banner reading “We Are All Domestic Terrorists”? Pepperidge Farm remembers:

Anyhow. Looks like that actually wasn’t a joke, even if it was played off as one at the time. Because REAL domestic terrorists who take their cues from displays like this have now cropped up in at least two different states, and they are getting bolder:

Shark3ozero, whose YouTube channel is definitely worth subscribing to, explores this phenomenon, and decries it.

There’s also a heartening sequel to the North Carolina terror incident, which took out the power to an entire community just in an effort to stop an adults-only drag show at a local theatre from going ahead. Namely, that the show still went on…with help from the audience, who lit up their phone screens and anything else they had on them that could produce light, so the performers weren’t left in the dark. A lovely metaphor for community solidarity.

Let’s hope there’s more of that, in whatever form it takes to beat back these fascist sacks-o-shit.

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