Debunking the “refugee crisis” of Roxham Road

Our bothered brother has some actual facts and figures at hand, and does the math comparing the “refugee crisis” at a certain US-Québec point of entry to the much larger (and legally accepted!) influx of refugees from Ukraine:

Yeah, that’s right. Roxham Rd. border crossers, all Cobden of them, aren’t a “refugee crisis” — unless, of course, you’re a certain very racist pure laine premier of Québec, who just doesn’t want those pesky Haitians browning up his nice, white belle province. This even though they did the lion’s share of the work at the province’s nursing homes when the COVID pandemic was killing vulnerable seniors! There’s gratitude for you.

And if there’s a whole Thunder Bay’s worth of Ukrainians who could be safely welcomed and settled here, then what’s to keep anyone else out? You’d have to be a highly ethnocentric xenophobe not to see the blatant hypocrisy.

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