Every conservative accusation is a confession, Ali Alexander edition

Jesse Dollemore has an absolutely delicious (and sickening) bit of poop on one of the biggest turds in the MAGA movement, a guy who was a leading organizer behind the “Stop the Steal” rally that terrorized Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021. Turns out that at there are all kinds of skeletons in Ali Alexander’s closet (besides of course the fascist-insurrectionist kind), and this week, one of them tumbled out in spectacular fashion:

Imagine that. Yet another conservative hypocrite, caught with his pants down (so to speak) and his junk (metaphorically) in his hands. And he’s a groomer, too. Trying to pick up teenage boys for “jack-off material”, no less.

Amazingly, though, it’s been an open secret on the far right for YEARS:

Rumors about Alexander’s alleged sexual behavior towards younger men have circulated in conservative online circles since at least 2015. But they reached a new level late last month after Milo Yiannopoulos — the controversial British provocateur and one-time Alexander ally — turned on Alexander after Alexander and [MAGA neo-Nazi Nick] Fuentes pushed him out of a potentially lucrative position in West’s nascent presidential campaign.

Yiannopoulos started releasing video interviews and other evidence meant to prove that Alexander sexually propositioned both adult men in their 20s and at least two teenagers. Yiannopoulos, whose own career as a far-right pundit imploded in 2017 after remarks he had made downplaying the seriousness of pedophilia surfaced, claims he has more damaging videos to release about Alexander and Fuentes.

Yiannopoulos claims he’s releasing the video against Alexander because Alexander dropped Yiannopoulos’ name to entice young men. One screenshot purports to show Alexander dangling the prospect of a meeting with Yiannopoulos to a teenage boy.

“The reason I’m doing this is because he used my name,” Yiannopoulos told The Daily Beast.

Ah yes, good ol’ Milo Yeah-Nope wants to clear his precious name. The same guy who tried to defend child-molesting priests a few years back with the excuse that being molested hadn’t harmed HIM, nosirree! Like a bad penny, he just keeps on turning up everywhere. And since he hasn’t exactly been thriving lately in fascist circles (or in general), no doubt he’d like to drag a few of his former buddies from there down into the muck with him. Funny, though, how he didn’t seem to mind being dangled as an enticement to one of Ali Alexander’s teenage victims until this came out. I mean, he could have come forward at any time to denounce Alexander for a creep, but held his tongue this damn long.

And in the meantime, a teenager’s life was warped:

Duncan, now 21, has since become a relatively high-profile member of Fuentes’s racist “America First” movement, going by the name “Smiley.” On Spencer’s podcast, Duncan said he believed Fuentes knew about the rumors about Alexander’s alleged solicitation of nude photos.

“I think Nick is 100 percent aware,” Duncan said on the podcast.

Last Thursday, Duncan posted a statement on Twitter about his communications with Alexander.

“When I was 15 I was naive and desperate,” Duncan wrote. “I thought I had no choice but to cooperate with inappropriate and humiliating requests if I wanted to make it in politics. I figured that was just the nature of the game.”

Oh yeah, and Nick Fucking Fuentes was in the know, too. Remember him and his date with the catboy hooker he flew all the way up from Australia? Pepperidge Farm remembers!

Funny how so many of these Nazis are gay. And funnier still how they seem to think that the party they’ve chosen to hide behind won’t dispose of them in the same way the OG Nazis did with Ernst Röhm, back in the day. Do they seriously expect that their grooming activities will somehow be exempt from what the Repugs have planned for all the perfectly innocent, non-grooming LGBT+ folks out there? Because what’s NOT fucking funny is how many of them are already suffering as a result of discriminatory policies either already written into law, or in the pipeline.

If Ali, Milo and Nick all think they’re going to somehow skate past THAT, they’ve got a very unpleasant other think coming.

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