For sale: One Canadian party leadership. Never been used.

Bidding is still open on eBay:

Looking for a new challenge? Why not become leader of the Liberal Party? It is possible with the Rick Mercer Report Liberal leadership kit.

Kit includes:

  • Fifteen minute consultation/conference call with the RMR writing staff to craft your campaign message. (Staff includes three high school dropouts and a U of T commerce major. Photo not to scale.)
  • The use of our colour printer for photos and such. Ink cartridge is running low on magenta.

That should be enough to put you in charge of what was, until recently, a major Canadian political party. So take the plunge and become Liberal leader. For more info check out the Rick Mercer Report Tuesdays at 8pm (8:30 NT) on CBC.

Current bid is $16 million CDN.

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