A tale of two marches

Tell me, dear friend: have you heard about the March for Life? You know–the one that took place this year, as it does every year, on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade? It is awfully hard to miss an annual display of in-your-face anti-choice propaganda when even the president of the United States has proclaimed this date to be National Sanctity of Life Day.

But I guess you probably haven’t heard of it after all. Because to hear Donald Wildmon and his trusty sidekick tell it, the event wasn’t even covered by the liberal-biased mainstream media!

Well, of course not…except for Fox News, which just happens to be the largest mainstream media company in the United States, if not the entire planet. But they’re a lonely bastion of fairness and balance in a sea of secular liberalism…and even their most recent story on this worthy cause is more than a year old!

Oh wait, maybe I spoke too soon. The Washington Times also has an announcement out. But maybe Mr. Moon’s money-losing propaganda sheet also doesn’t count as a real media outlet, any more than all those other “Christian” news sites out there.

I guess the lack of mainstream media attention is to blame for the fact that the March for Life only drew a mere 20,000 expected attendees, as opposed to the 500,000 who attended a recent peace march. But you’d never know that to hear the way Wildmon hypes it. To him, the numbers were reversed, and it was hundreds of thousands marching for fetus fetishism while only a paltry ten thousand or so were marching for the right to life of soldiers wrongfully deployed overseas. And the mainstream media, dad-gummit, is covering all that up!

I think Wildmon’s a damned ingrate, and that he should be thankful for whatever distortions he can get. The media’s alleged liberal bias was certainly not in evidence in their reporting of the United for Peace march. Not only are the folks at Associated Press playing the numbers down, the Washington Posties are fixating on the fact that Jane Fonda Was There. Not to mention how an outlet no less august than the New York Times ran with the story of the Iraq War vet who allegedly got spat at. There are serious questions, which the Times failed to ask, about the hard-faced youngster’s veracity. He’s a freeper with ties to none other than Dick Cheney, and they never reported that. Nor did they report how a pro-peace veteran was arrested in Washington. This is liberal bias? They could scarcely be taking more cues from the Wingnuttia if they’d been simply reprinting Matt Drudge’s blog entries. Somehow, though, that’s just not good enough for Mr. Wildmon.

Let’s face it, folks, the Culture of Life is hurting, bad. It has zero credibility and its biggest proponents are practically admitting as much. They can sing, they can shout, they can tapdance up and down the Capitol steps with tambourines a-jinglin’, but they can’t get the media’s attention anymore unless they start using disabled vets instead of mangled fetal remains.

Which I guess makes it even more pathetic when you consider how some poor souls are making a point of it, not once a year but once a month, to call with menstrual regularity for “life”–which, by their definition, is the right to be brought to birth of every fertilized ovum, whether wanted or not, healthy and viable or not. That’s zealotry for you, courtesy of the Amurrican Taliban. Everytime a woman gets her period, an angel weeps tears of blood. Meanwhile, no mention whatsoever of what all that depleted uranium is doing to the unborn children of Iraq.

But what’s truly nauseous is that these “pro-lifers” are really quite happy to exploit death to their own ends. Whether it’s that of a half-formed fetus or a full-grown soldier, it seems death is just fine by them as long as it serves their ideological purposes. For people who claim to abhor abortion, they sure own a lot of pictures of its bloody results. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they masturbated over them; this is their kiddie porn, which they hoard under a pretense of morality. They can’t justify an abortion under any circumstances, but by God, the war was justified because those godless commies–er, sorry, I meant to say Christ-less sandmonkeys–still owe somebody for 9-11.

And anyone who says otherwise is a hellbound secular humanist, and is probably spitting on legless vets, too.

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