Festive Left Friday Blogging: Chavecito Caption Time!

Can you caption these?

Dear in the headlights--Chavecito is looking for someone!

Turn down your high beams, dammit!

Is it raining?

Is it raining, or is the sky just drooling?

Hey! You! Quit laughing or I'll tickle you to death!

“Hey! YOU! No giggling, now. We wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m being funny on purpose!”

Chavecito and the King of Arabia

“Just between you and me, Chavez, I think Bush is a crazy drunken jackass too!”

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One Response to Festive Left Friday Blogging: Chavecito Caption Time!

  1. IFi says:

    I’d say…
    1. “I’m so talented I can make animal shadows on the wall and look serious at the same time.”
    2. “Go back inside mom, I’ll be up for dinner IN A MINUTE.”
    3. “Jiji I can see Rafael’s nipples from here.”
    4. “Hey cute, I read something interesting about your bladder on ‘bina the other day…”
    Btw, seems the ‘cito has lost some weight.
    Maybe it’s the french cuisine, I’ve always found it appalling.

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