So that’s why Sarko got divorced…

Zut alors. He’s just proposed to Mick Jagger’s old mistress (and Eric Clapton’s sloppy seconds).

Nicolas Sarkozy will marry his supermodel lover Carla Bruni next month – in time for the two to enjoy a state visit to Britain.

The wedding will take place in Paris on February 8 or 9, according to a newspaper owned by a close friend of the French president.

This will be two weeks after Mr Sarkozy celebrates his 53rd birthday, and less than four months after his divorce from his second wife, Cecilia, also a model.

Nice to know he’s not superficial or anything.

Superficial-as-anything update: The French are not amused. The Beeb has the deets.

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2 Responses to So that’s why Sarko got divorced…

  1. Oh, WOW.
    And this is the fella who was going to bring TRADITIONAL FAMILY VALUES back to France??
    And what is up with this “model a year” streak, Nick?? What, Cecillia wasn’t good enough for ‘ya in the sack that you had to go for the preowned model??
    At least here in the US, conservatives actually choose their trophy wives with a bit more discreetness.
    Way to piss away your electoral mandate, Sarcophogous.

  2. Bina says:

    What’s really funny about this is that the bride-to-be has a son from a previous relationship…with a PHILOSOPHER. Which leads me to wonder: Does she have more depth than you’d expect of a supermodel, or was it simply a case of opposites attracting?
    In any event, Sarko’s penchant for women as trophies, not partners, is proof that the Right, once again, is wrong.

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