Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx revisits the War on Terra


No, the War on Terra has not wound down since Hopey got into the Reconstructed White House. Nothing has really changed except the color of the face behind the desk in the Oval Office. What, you were expecting change you could believe in? Believe in THIS, kiddies:

Osama bin Laden is still uncaptured. But in a strange twist of fate–or is it kismet?–some goon from the US, who set out to capture him, is now dying of the same ailment that’s probably killed ol’ Bin-Bin already (assuming he wasn’t assassinated, as Beni Bhutto averred before she herself was slain.) Sez the sister of the vigilante wannabe: “My brother is extremely religious since his troubled youth…He’s not crazy.” Ms. Manx bets Osama’s brothers say the same things about HIM. Meanwhile, the Pakistani authorities say Mr. Macho had a small quantity of hashish on his person when captured, and swore he’d lop off Osama’s head with a sword, and that God was with him and therefore, he WOULD get Osama. Call Ms. Manx crazy, but that sounds pretty woo-woo to her. Especially since Osama’s head is still firmly attached to the rest of him, wherever that may be.

(PS: For a hilarious other look at this nutter, plus a link to a photo of said loon, click here.)

NYT reporter James Risen is on the defensive about his piece asserting that Afghanistan has as much as $1 trillion (that’s twelve zeros, kiddies!) worth of minerals lying around under its soil. What? You thought this war was really about terror? Or just oil? Bwahahahaha. Sadly, no. For once, the Old Grey Whore has reported something real and of interest concerning the true nature of that farce, instead of what the wingnuts want to hear. Ms. Manx is not surprised to hear Mr. Risen mention pajamas, either.

General Petraeus has collapsed! Whatever could it mean???

Meanwhile, an innocent Canadian who was tortured in Syria because the US authorities mistook him for a terrorist can’t sue…you guessed it…the US authorities! Some would say that the $11 million Maher Arar got out of our government should suffice him, but they haven’t been abducted, haven’t been wrongly arrested, haven’t been tortured, and haven’t had their good name permanently tarnished, or their careers yanked right out from under them as he has, so what would THEY know? Anyway, this isn’t about money; it’s about justice, and the US has plainly decided that its own are above the law. Ms. Manx can’t honestly say she’s surprised at this, seeing what a rightardly (and largely retarded) bunch the SCOTUS are. But she can, and will, say she is utterly disgusted.

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