Music for a Sunday: It was cold outside my door

Dear Diary: I’m feeling introspective today. Must be all the clouds…

“Dear Diary: It was cold today. But the Sun came out later, so I went out and strolled about looking at the shops. Didn’t really see anything I liked, so I didn’t buy anything. On the way home, I posted a letter. Been quite a nice day…Somebody exploded an H-bomb today, but it wasn’t anybody I knew.”

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  1. rerewo says:

    A beautiful song. Thank you for posting the link.

    I can empathize.

    [sigh] I generally don’t have a lot to post about anymore. I’ve become used to waiting. Well, my opinions have always been difficult to express, which makes it easy to sit on my hands. It’s hard to get over the urge to assemble them into something they’re probably not, which is something that might make sense to anybody, including myself. I still try, of course. Eventually I fall asleep during the process and when I wake up, I’ve usually forgotten where I left off, so everyone is spared.

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