Dems asked Bernie to do WHAT?

Yes, that’s right…they tried to get Bernie to tell people to stop protesting.

Do they have any idea who they’re talking to? I mean, this is how Bernie got his start in politics:

That’s a young Bernie Sanders, getting arrested at a civil rights demonstration in Chicago during his student days.

This is how Bernie did leadership before he was even elected to his first political office: by putting his body on the line, facing arrest, and getting roughed up by cops because he believed in doing shit for others, rather than getting them to do shit for him.

Maybe, if those corporatist Dems spent less time lecturing their constituents on good behavior, and less time sucking up to corporations for funding and favors, and more time actually busting their asses for other people, they wouldn’t need to beg Bernie to tell the angry crowds to pack up and go home, eh?

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