Stupid Sex Tricks: Queasy Rider

Yes, that is what you think it is. Leo Florentin of Encarnación, Paraguay posted this to Facebook. Here’s what he wrote about this very unsafe sex act, which by the sounds of things might be shaping up as some kind of unhealthy national trend:

Amores que matan!!!!!!!!
Autoridades Nacionales y ciudadania en general, hacemos un llamado a todo el país a poner mano dura en este tema de las motos guiadas por simios kamikazes.
Esto ya es una SITUACUON DE EMERGENCIA NACIONAL, es ahora o nunca porque sino tendremos una generaciones de jovenes mutilados, muertos y postrados.
Hace patria y denuncia los lugares donde se juntan y vos Autoridad actua sin piedad, ya no hay tiempo que.perder!!!!!!


Loves that kill!!!!!!!
National Authorities and citizens in general, we are calling on all the country to take a firm hand when it comes to motorcycles being ridden by kamikaze apes.
This is a SITUATION OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY, it is now or never, because if we don’t, we will have generations of young people being mutilated, killed or left bedridden.
Let’s be patriots and denounce where this happens. And you, Authorities, act without mercy, there is no time left to lose!!!!!!

One can’t very well argue with that. Let’s hope the cops catch these speeding freaks and put a stop to this, because if they don’t, the Darwin Awards Committee probably will.

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