Stephen Miller is back…

…not that he ever actually left us, more’s the pity. And with or without a visible hairline, his face is even more punchable than ever:

I really hate to give a far-right FUX Snoozer like Chris Wallace props here, but full credit where due: He tried, he really tried, to rub Widdle Stevie’s schnoz in the actual words that were said, not only by AOC and the Squad, but by his own boss, Donnie himself.

BTW, that wasn’t even the worst thing he said. Here’s the worst:

I didn’t think it was possible to be both a Jew AND a Nazi, but Stevie has proved me wrong. On the one hand, he finds it awfully convenient to pull out the old “You’re diminishing the Holocaust” card and slap people on the mouth with it; on the other, he’s only too happy to praise and promote real, bona-fide, fascism with everything but the swastikas. He is far more a white supremacist than he is an affronted Jew, because if he were actually offended as a Jew, he would understand that history’s ugliest chapters are repeating themselves here, and would be scrambling to denounce it, as other Jews (who have NOT forgotten) are doing. His cynicism is fucking breathtaking.

AOC is right; the border detention facilities ARE concentration camps, and they’re killing people already. His “as a Jew, I am profoundly outraged” pose is just that: a POSE. An empty, cynical, outrageous and profoundly ridiculous POSE.

And of course, he WOULD drag Venezuela into it. The very country that his own government, both now and through at least two previous administrations, has been trying to destabilize and reconvert to “neoliberal”, corporatist, banana-republican fascism, like it was in the bad old days leading up to the Caracazo. Donnie is diverting massive amounts of “aid” money to the support of an actual fascist puppet-dictator wannabe. Where is Stevie’s outrage about THAT? Nowhere. In fact, he’s all too happy to let it happen and gloss it over as “humanitarian aid”, even though there’s not a humanitarian nickel in it, because its end effect is to bolster his own bullshit. It gives him a “bad” country to point to, without once mentioning just what his not-so-great country has done to MAKE that country unlivable.

And then he gets “outraged” that people are fleeing from there (and all the other Latin American countries the US of Amnesia has converted to fascist banana republics over the decades), and are landing up on the southern border, not to colonize the US but to seek refuge there, only to be treated to direct and unmistakable (and ironically, VERY banana-republican) fascism, right there in the country that caused (and continues to cause) THEIR home countries’ collective misery?

His immigrant family must be SO proud.

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