Compare and Contrast: Boris vs. Bernie

A couple of vignettes here, courtesy of The Rational National, to show you just what differing styles Boris Johnson and Bernie Sanders have:

When a police cadet shows signs of distress behind him, Boris just keeps rambling on about his chief rival, Jeremy Corbyn, and doesn’t stop until she drops down out of view (possibly to vomit, to put her head between her knees, or just to be closer to the ground in case she collapses). It’s a small moment, maybe, but it tells you a great deal about his priorities (ego first, foremost, and forever) and his capacity for empathy (very small, if at all). He has taken an event and made it all about him, even when those whom it’s really all about are showing the ill effects of a hot day.

Bernie, on the other hand, hears a person off camera falling with an audible bang, exclaims “Oh my god!”, and rushes over to help. He doesn’t keep yattering on. He wants to make sure that whoever just fainted gets some assistance. It’s pretty much guaranteed that the show won’t go on until the paramedics take over.

Like said, it’s a small moment. But if anything ever encapsulated the differences between the right-wing psyche and that of the left, it’s how they react when someone else is in distress. It’s not inconsequential. It will tell you all you need to know about how they govern, and who among them is actually worth trusting.

Or, in the case of Boris the Blathering Haystack, who’s not.

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