All right, Jagmeet. I see you now.

This is some HUGE news for us Canadian progressives:

And no, Candice Fucking Nazi Bergen, it is NOT a “Liberal-NDP coalition”, nor does it mean the NDP are in charge. It means that they’ve dragged the Liberals back to where they as a party should be, which is centre-left. (Where have they actually been? Well, as David points out above, they’ve been in the same corner as the Conservatives on far too many points. Particularly the oil pipeline issue, which makes such far-right initiatives as “United We Roll”, AKA Freedumb Convoy 1.0, seem like a dirty, greasy joke.)

Anyhow, this is a move in the right direction. A bit too cautious, a bit too slow, a bit too bitty, but I’ll take progress from wherever I can get it right now. And so will the progressive actual majority of Canadians.

Nice work, Jagmeet.

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Music for a Sunday: Our destiny relies on conscience

It’s the Euro theatre…

State your peace tonight.

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COVID-19 study debunks ivermectin fetish once and for all

This is bad news for COVIDiots…

…but it’s great news for those of us who understand the science behind COVID studies properly. Which is to say, those who don’t trust pre-prints or anything emanating from obscure sources or conspiracy theory outlets, but from actual peer-reviewed medical journals.

But then again, I’m sure those who are really deeply dedicated to their pet bullshit (and their horse de-wormer) won’t be swayed by science, because that’s not what brought them to the parasite medication in the first place. As a commenter on YouTube joked:

So an anti-vaxxer dies of COVID, then goes to heaven.
God says, “You can ask me whatever you want, my child.”
The guy asks, “Is ivermectin effective in treating or preventing COVID?”
God says, “Of course not.”
The guy walks away and thinks, “The conspiracy goes up even higher than I thought!”

I’ll spare you all the rimshot.

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So, uh, there was this convoy in Ottawa over the weekend. No one’s really sure what the hell it was all about, or what it was meant to accomplish or how, but it furnished us with some good laughs at the expense of the idiots who went:

…when it wasn’t alienating the locals, who had to live with a bunch of snot-nosed Little Hitlers honking their horns at all hours, and shitting all over the place, and impeding the local economy, and keeping a disabled woman housebound as she ran out of food. Among other things.

Oh yeah, and they also mocked indigenous folks. They even howled like drunken wolves and yelled “Yabba dabba doo”, as though modern-day indigenous people were cartoon cavemen.

On the bright side, it looks like Erin O’Toole (and what a tool he is!) is about to become Conservative party history. On the not-so-bright side, it looks like his replacement will be a lot more Nazified, because the party’s right wing is pissed that conversion “therapy” is now no longer legal. He fumbled the football for two mortal days by not denouncing this caravan-o-hate, but his head is going to roll among the party faithful because he wasn’t hateful enough. (You can’t make this up, folks.)

And on that note, January draws to a close. I don’t know what February has in store, but I dare to hope that everything every right-wing nutjob in this country has been up to lately ends up backfiring spectacularly on them. They’ve won no new converts, and their mask-off moment on Parliament Hill is just what it took to make everyone see them in their true, revoltingly ugly colors.

Sic semper imbecilis!

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Right-wing cancel culture strikes again!

And whoa, is it a doozer.

This is Adam. Adam has a bee in his bonnet. Adam, tell the people what you’re so damn mad about.

Carhartt you messed up.
This is one of the most sentimental things I have. This is my hat man… It’s been everywhere on the road with me and in almost every video I’ve ever made. It smells from all the sweat and dirt. It has oil stains and weld burns. Bottom line is, if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen this hat. No more, it means nothing because that company didn’t stand for anything. I put so many years of hard work in with Carhartt gear for what? You’re not for the blue collar people, the middle class. I burned it all, never again.

Okay, Adam’s not very good at explaining things, so let me take a crack at this.

A few days ago, workwear manufacturer Carhartt sent out an email to all its employees, reminding them that its company vaccine requirement is a mandate, so they’d better get their shots if they wanted to go on producing that famous blue-collar apparel so beloved of farmers and laborers.

No big deal, right? Just a little public health measure that goes with the territory of operating a big factory where workers are producing goods at close quarters, and social distancing isn’t always possible. And where, if one person comes down with a contagious disease and nobody’s vaccinated, it can result in short staffing or even a complete plant shutdown. So, if a communicable disease can be prevented by a simple shot in the arm, why not take the shot and keep on working?

You would think that all these patriotic, pro-business conservatives would be all about that. You’d think that they would be the first to tell people to go and get their shots for the good of the company, for the bottom line, and for the got-damn United States of Amurrica.

And you would be oh, SO wrong.

You see, these right-wing worker bees have somehow gotten it into their buzzy little heads that preventive measures against COVID — any and all of them — are worse than the disease. They don’t like wearing masks. They don’t like keeping at least two metres of air between them and the next person. They probably don’t like being told to wash their mucky hands. And they sure as hell don’t like being told to take a little wee stinger in the arm to prevent them coming down with something that could kill them. They just don’t like being told what to do, even when it’s something that could save their lives. They think it’s somehow giving up their freedoms to comply, even when complying is only mildly inconvenient at most.

And since they bristle at the slightest infringements on their privilege and convenience (which they have mistaken for rights and freedoms), now they’re trying to cancel Carhartt. For what? Why, just for daring to try and do its corporate part in stopping the pandemic that’s closing in on a million deaths in the United States of Amnesia.

One million deaths that they all could have helped to prevent, but won’t. Because FREEDUMB!

And how are they exercising their freedumb? Why, by burning hats they’ve owned for years. (And probably should have replaced long ago, for sanitary reasons. Or at least washed the damn things once in a while, because greasy-ass scalp sweat can smell nasty.)

But this wouldn’t be the first time they’ve destroyed their own belongings, that they paid good and hard-earned money for, to own the libs. Remember when Nike made Colin Kaepernick its spokesmodel, and droves of racist doofuses burned their expensive sneakers to show that n-word who was boss? Or when they were all trashing their Yeti beer coolers, because the manufacturer dared to dissociate from the murder-mongering NRA? Or their Keurig coffee-makers, because that company pulled its ads from FUX Snooze?

At the rate all these right-wing “boycotts” are going, they’re all gonna be hatless, shoeless, beer-coolerless, and coffee-makerless. And it’s gonna look so good on them. Because they’re all too dumb to organize a petition, or even just demand their money back (not that they’d actually get any, because the companies aren’t taking returns on used goods.)

Hell, they could just quietly stop buying, and let the company suffer like they’re threatening to make it do. But they won’t. And you know why? Because they have to engage in right-wing virtue-signalling. To own the libs, of course. You can’t perform pwnage in silence and darkness, so why not make a big hoo-rah about it?

I mean, it’s not like there wouldn’t be any backlash from the other side, which is a good deal larger and more endowed with buying power. Which they’re also aces at exercising in the name of social responsibility.

And it’s not as if Carhartt’s goods won’t continue to sell well, to people who are willing not only to get their shots and do their part, but also to pay extra for quality, or anything like that.

But hey! If these bozos are so determined to burn their possessions to own the libs, and they’re so much better at business than the rest of us, why don’t they just start their own clothing company for mandate-hating mavericks? One where toilet-licking is mandated, and so is dying like a medieval peasant in the name of rejecting modern medicine?

They could call their innovative new company Butthurtt. Or better still, Plagueratt.

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The latest right-wing COVID “cure” is the most ridiculous yet…

…quite possibly. It’s very hard to top bleach-drinking, UV lights, horse dewormer, and urine “therapy”. Unless, of course, you’re transgender-ing yourself to own the libs:

Yeah, that’s right. They’re taking spironolactone, an androgen-suppressing drug usually given to women with severe acne, high blood pressure, heart failure — or transitioning from male to female, because it hinders testosterone production. These big, tough, macho right-winger dudes are literally feminizing themselves and growing boobs. Because they don’t want to take a couple of tiny needles full of the only thing that can actually prevent a horrendous death by COVID — namely, A VACCINE.

Meanwhile, their pundits, like Tucker Carlson, are all in a tizzy about how COVID “feminizes” men:

…which might not be entirely wrong, if you reckon manhood by the functionality of a cis man’s genitalia. Because yes, COVID can cause impotence and sterility in cis males. It’s not a question of “life force”, because being alive isn’t inherently a masculine state of being, so fuck Tucker and his unscientific theories. SARS-CoV2 is a vascular virus, which is how it manages to have so many profound and far-reaching effects on the human body, and why it’s so life-threatening. It wrecks blood vessels by destroying their epithelial (i.e., lining) cells.

And since it can lurk in the testes for months after an initial infection, it can do lasting damage to both sperm and testosterone production. Which is quite ironic when you consider how many antivaxxers pride themselves on their so-called “pure blood”, and believe that semen from unvaccinated males is about to make them all filthy, stinking rich. (Spoiler alert: It won’t. Especially not if they get a severe case of COVID dick!)

But taking feminizing hormones to combat COVID?

Coming from a bunch that routinely insults liberal, progressive, or leftist men as “soy boys”, who are supposedly “feminized” by high doses of soy phytoestrogens (which, as any trans woman will tell you, don’t actually feminize anyone worth a damn) — that’s fucking rich.

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It’s January 6 again.

Hard to believe that a year has passed since we saw the Confederate flag carried into the US Capitol, and some loon in a fake shaman’s trappings singing over a bunch of muffins (when he wasn’t trying to further incite an already demented crowd), and some deranged woman getting shot as she tried to climb through a window her fellow insurrectionists smashed. But here we are. Here’s Michael Moore’s anniversary podcast, in which he and his friend, Rep. Dan Kildee of Michigan, discuss the events and meaning of that day:

The part that still grabs ME the most is that Rep. Kildee protected his fellow congress members by telling them to take off their pins. Those pins were their IDs — the same that marked them as congress members, which would have made them instant targets for the whipped-up mob that Donnie Fucking Drumpf sent to overturn the results of the 2020 federal election (and, no doubt, kill whomever they could in the process).

Rep. Kildee may not be a lightning rod for the fascists like Ilhan Omar, or a glamorous up-and-comer that they love to hate, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but he’s a key figure nonetheless in what happened that day. Because what he did, and told his fellow representatives to do, undoubtedly saved a lot of lives. The Democratic representatives, even those whose faces were not as well known as those of the “Squad”, or speaker Nancy Pelosi, were in a world of danger because they were Democrats. They were the party that won the 2020 election, and since there was no legitimate way to strip them of that victory, the next best thing, in the eyes of the insurrectionists, was to take their lives. Mike Pence was, no doubt, NOT the only person the mob was hell-bent on hanging that day. The fact that some of them came armed with zip-ties and an objective of “arresting” representatives whose only “crime” was to be duly elected by their constituents, speaks of a sinister motive that came straight out of The Turner Diaries. Their lives were in danger from the thugs whose ultimate goal was to do away not only with capital-D Democrats, but with democracy itself. That’s why Rep. Kildee’s action proved to be a lifesaver that horrific day, exactly a year ago.

And what can we say about it all now?

I would say that not nearly enough thugs are behind bars, and those that are, aren’t doing nearly the time that their crimes would call for. Yes, the so-called “Q-Anon shaman” is now chanting inanities over his inorganic prison chow in the Big House, but he won’t be doing so nearly long enough for what he tried to do in the People’s House.

And while he’s not alone in there, he hasn’t got as much company as he should have, either. Lots of fascist thugs have yet to be caught and arrested, including this apparently Canadian one:

This is the Canadian participation that the RCMP claimed wasn’t happening on that day.

But it WAS happening. And it WAS fascism. And terrorism.

And until every last one of those cretins is caught and punished, and fascism definitively destroyed, it won’t be over.

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How YouTube suppresses independent media (and rewards far-right grifters)

David Doel breaks it all down:

I don’t have much to add to what he says, other than that it’s important to subscribe to those leftist channels you like to watch. You can subscribe to David here.

But more importantly, PASS THE WORD ON. Sharing IS caring, after all.

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Man who called for defence of US Capitol jailed

This is just wild. An anarchist who did nothing wrong and harmed no one, got 44 months for calling for…an organized act of patriotism? Listen to this:

So, just so we’re clear here: There are actual insurrectionists who got less time than this guy, for actually doing things much worse. Among them, notably: the infamous “Q Shaman”, Jacob Fucking Chansley, who only got 41 months. And there are actual murderers and terrorists walking free, too; see Kyle Fucking Rittenhouse.

There are all kinds of right-wing terrorists out there still roaming the streets, doing much more than just threatening harm. But this guy, who threatened no one? Nearly 4 years in the federal pokey.

So much for the whole “good guy with a gun” canard that the NRA keeps quacking.

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Great news for LGBT+ Canadians!

So, THIS just happened:

Yes, that’s right. Canada has just outlawed “conversion therapy”, which is not therapeutic, and doesn’t convert anyone who’s L, G, B, and/or T into cis, or straight, or both.

And even better: IT WAS UNANIMOUS.

It’s a good day for us, and I rejoice in it. For the sake of my friends, yes, but also just because it’s about bloody TIME. I don’t know what took us so long, but here we finally are. At long, sweet last.

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